Lethal Injection


Lethal Injection History

• In 2016, Quinn Delaney successfully defended the Women’s Title in the main event against Fiona Burke. Also Odell Porter successfully defended the Adrenaline Title versus Deshaun Reed.
• In 2015, Nina Fox defeated Taylor Clawson to become the first ever FFP Women’s Champion. Also Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven won a Four-Way Tag Team match to become the first ever FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions.
• In 2014, Austin Briggs defeated Nina Fox to become the new FFP World Champion. This match was the managerial debut of Missy Hyatt, who was in the corner of Briggs.
• In 2008, Daniel Matthews became the first FFP World Champion winning a triple threat match also involving Blood Reign and Austin Briggs. Also Elizabeth Summers awarded the Television Title to Caleb Newstead. And Brandi Moore turned on Logan Christopher and joined Caleb Newstead.
• Lethal Injection was FFP’s first pay-per-view. It aired for the first time on September 27, 2008.

Lethal Injection Posters

lethal_injection_2016_poste lethalinjection_side lethal_injection_side_banne lethalinjection_side_02

2017 Lethal Injection Preview


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