Lethal Injection

Lethal Injection History

• In 2018, Kenzie Anderson won the FFP Spirit Title. Also, Miles Lynch successfully retained the FFP World Title in the main event, Noel Zelig defeated Nina Fox to retain her Ironwoman Title, and the Internet Darlings won a Ladder Match against the Rich Brothers to keep their FFP Tag Team Titles.
• In 2017, Odell Porter successfully defended the World Title in the main event against Mikhail Vakhrov. Then, ATM cashed in his ANY Case, but Odell also defeated him. However, Brandi Moore then cashed in her ANY Case and won the World Title for the very first time. Also Giovanni Gotch defeated Firefly to win back the Women’s Title and Kodee Black beat Fiona Burke for the Women’s Television Title.
• In 2016, Quinn Delaney successfully defended the Women’s Title in the main event against Fiona Burke. Also Odell Porter successfully defended the Adrenaline Title versus Deshaun Reed.
• In 2015, Nina Fox defeated Taylor Clawson to become the first ever FFP Women’s Champion. Also Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven won a Four-Way Tag Team match to become the first ever FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions.
• In 2014, Austin Briggs defeated Nina Fox to become the new FFP World Champion. This match was the managerial debut of Missy Hyatt, who was in the corner of Briggs.
• In 2008, Daniel Matthews became the first FFP World Champion winning a triple threat match also involving Blood Reign and Austin Briggs. Also Elizabeth Summers awarded the Television Title to Caleb Newstead. And Brandi Moore turned on Logan Christopher and joined Caleb Newstead.
• Lethal Injection was FFP’s first pay-per-view. It aired for the first time on September 27, 2008.

Lethal Injection Posters

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2018 Lethal Injection Preview

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch vs Austin Briggs w/ Anarchy
After Austin Briggs and Anarchy attacked Miles Lynch at Tuesday Night Wrestling, Stuart Cavanaugh decided to put Lynch vs Briggs as the main event of Lethal Injection. Will Austin Briggs and fellow Anti member Anarchy walk out of Lethal Injection with the World Championship?

FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Noel Zelig vs Nina Fox
On an episode of Tuesday Night Wrestling, Nina Fox said that she noticed that she was on Noel’s “wishlist” for who she’d like to defend the Ironwoman Championship against. Now, we will get to see this dream match!

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Duncan Wright Jr vs Trent Wolfe
Duncan Wright Jr won the Adrenaline Title from Trent Wolfe in an outstanding match. It was a rematch that saw Trent win…so this is the rubber match! Can Duncan Wright Jr continue his winning streak, and retain against the former Adrenaline Champion, or will Trent Wolfe take back the championship? And, will there be heat between the two since Trent refused a handshake after their last match?

FFP Tag Team Titles | Ladder Match
(c) Internet Darlings vs Rich Brothers
The current Tag Team Champions will put the titles on the line against the former champions at Lethal Injection. And this match, will be a Ladder Match! Things will certainly get wild in this one!

FFP Spirit Title | Three-Way Dance
(c) Keira Brimm vs Ava St James vs Kenzie Anderson
Keira Brimm has been defending her Spirit Title against anyone who wants a shot. Keira successfully defended against Ava St James’ stablemate Lenore Spade, but found herself being beat down by the duo. Kenzie Anderson also entered the fold, saying she wanted a title shot as well. Now, we will have a three-way dance at Lethal Injection. Can Keira escape with the title? Or will a new Spirit Champion be crowned?

Logan Christopher vs Cooper Albright
Logan Christopher and Cooper Albright have been in quite the feud lately. The two will battle at Lethal Injection with the winner receiving a future shot at the FFP Network Championship.

Amy Kraven vs Giovanni Gotch
Speaking of feuds that are heating up, this feud has included injuries, sneak attacks and barn burner matches. Giovanni Gotch returned from her suspension, and was promptly attacked by Amy Kraven. The two will square off once more at Lethal Injection. Will this be the last time?

Odell Porter vs Kade Haddix
This will be a match against two very capable professional wrestlers. A former World Champion against an up and comer. Who will walk out on top?


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