01/13/2020 FFP Riot

FFP Riot
January 13, 2020 | Louisville, Kentucky

The show began with Mary Faith Brooks welcoming the crowd to the new FFP show, FFP Riot. She then welcomed out The Conglomerate, lead by the FFP World Champion Benjamin Cavanaugh. She hyped tonight’s main event and made sure everyone knew it was a non-title match between Benjamin and Miles. Benjamin guaranteed victory. Miles Lynch then interrupted and said that whether Benjamin had the help of The Conglomerate or not, he would make him pay for what he had done. The crowd was solidly behind Miles Lynch. And Lynch called Benjamin “Benji” which seemed to really bother the champion.

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Next Monday FFP Riot Debuts!

Next Monday, January 13th, Full Force Pro will hold it’s first event of the year 2020. And in doing so, it will also debut it’s brand new weekly show, FFP Riot! Full Force Pro has had weekly events throughout the years, such as SSN (formerly known as Sadistic Saturday Night), Thursday Night Madness, Sunday is for Chaos, and most recently, FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling.

Full Force Pro has also had a show titled FFP Monday Night, although it has never been a solid weekly show. FFP Riot will indeed be every week, with FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling coming to an end.

We look forward to this new show that Full Force Pro will be putting on, starting the new year off in a very good way. And speaking of, there have already been three matches set for this premier!

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The Tokyo Angels are No More

If you missed FFP Throwback, The Tokyo Angels lost the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles to Jaqueline Aulstrike and Tabitha Mullins. But that wasn’t the worst part of the night for the Angels.

At the end of the match, Hisoka Li went to make a tag to her partner Akane Mae, but Akane had been knocked onto the arena floor. Hisoka was then assaulted by Jaqueline Aulstrike and pinned in the center of the ring. After the new champions were crowned, Akane made her way into the ring to assist her partner. That’s where Hisoka turned on Akane, kicking her hard in the knee and then blasting her with a Shining Wizard.

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The 16-Man #1 Contender Tournament

Full Force Pro’s January pay-per-view All on the Line is approaching. On that night, every FFP Championship will be on the line. Mary Faith Brooks, the owner of Full Force Pro announced that every title will be defended against a superstar who has never held, or even challenged for the title before. Quite a wrinkle in the plan.

So, who will be the one to challenge FFP’s new World Champion, Benjamin Cavanaugh? To answer that, Full Force Pro will be holding a 16-man tournament, naming the new number one contender.

Like all of us, I’m sure you are curious to find out who will be competing in this tournament. Let’s find out…

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12/27/2019 FFP Throwback [PPV]

FFP Throwback
December 27, 2019 | Chicago, Illinois

The show opened up with pyro and the camera panning around the filled arena. FFP faithful came out in droves to watch their favorite FFP wrestlers.

Mary Faith Brooks kicked things off, coming out with a Santa Claus hat on. Mary welcomed everyone and said it was great to have FFP back doing big events. She said that tonight was a very special night, and she looked forward to watching every match and hoped everyone else was excited as well.

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The FFP Hall of Fame Welcomes The Class of 2019

Full Force Pro has always made a big deal about it’s Hall of Fame. From the likes of Veronica Clyne, April Hunter and Seduction Inc in the Class of 2015, to the Class of 2018 which saw the American Bulldogs and Giovanni Gotch, Full Force Pro has made a big event of the annual spectacle.

But with FFP’s troubles over the Spring and Summer of this year, the annual event was cancelled. However, new FFP owner Mary Faith Brooks decided that this year we would still welcome a few new names to the Hall of Fame. So without further ado, we would like to announce the three members of the Class of 2019!

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12/06/2019 South Report

Welcome back to the brand new South Report. Brand new you ask? Well, not really. It’s the same old South Report, but with a couple things different. And today…I get to announce a couple of matches that will take place at December 27th’s FFP Throwback pay-per-view. Also, I’m looking to stir the pot as much as I can today. So…let’s get going!

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