South Report

Every single South Report in history!

Date Subjects Discussed Link
02/06/2020 Charles discusses Isabella and Victoria Vettori’s name change, Lizzy Kraven vs Olivia Lee, FFP’s logo and more. Click Here
12/06/2019 Charles discusses FFP’s return, FFP Revival and announced two matches for FFP Throwback. Click Here
03/28/2019 Charles discusses the Tour of Japan, Miles Lynch vs Everett Moses, Francine coming to Full Force Pro and new FFP action figures. Click Here
01/31/2019 Charles discusses Kimber Stiles winning the 16-to-1 Tournament, The Winter Jam, The Conglomerate, the rumors of Michael Showtime and Bobbi Jackson signing with FFP and more! Click Here
01/02/2019 Charles discusses the New Year’s Eve Show, Lacey Abernathy making her return, Masina and Giovanni Gotch main eventing All on the Line and the future of FFP. Click Here
12/10/2018 Charles discusses Throwback, Logan Christopher being injured and Adam Hyatt being rumored to be in talks with FFP. Click Here
11/29/2018 Charles discusses Stuart Cavanaugh and Population Control aligning with Miles Lynch at Rebirth, Daniel Matthews feuding with Trent Wolfe, the Throwback card and Detmer & Ryan winning the Tag Team Titles. Plus much more! Click Here
10/31/2018 On this Halloween edition of the South Report, Charles discusses FFP Rebirth, the debut of Gemma Woods and hypes up FFP merchandise. Click Here
10/22/2018 In the debut edition of the South Report, Charles discusses FFP London is Calling, the release of Amanda Cortez, Cooper Albright vs Logan Christopher and names his first ever “Babe of the Week”. Click Here

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