Tokyo Rumble

Tokyo Rumble Events

Date Main Event Location Link
03/16/2019 Miles Lynch vs Anarchy for the FFP World Title Tokyo, Japan Click Here
03/18/2018 Matt Kraven vs Trent Wolfe for the FFP World Title Tokyo, Japan Click Here

Tokyo Rumble Posters


Tokyo Rumble Facts

• In 2019, Everett Moses won the Tokyo Rumble Match.
• In 2018, Miles Lynch won the Tokyo Rumble Match.

2019 Tokyo Rumble Preview

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch vs Anarchy
Miles Lynch has had quite an impressive World Title reign thus far. But after his successful title defense at Desperate Measures, Anarchy attacked Lynch. Then, on the first night of FFP’s Tour of Japan, Anarchy attacked the champion again, demanding a World Title shot. Now the two will clash at the Tokyo Rumble for the grandest prize in FFP, the World Championship.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Masina vs Amy Kraven
Amy Kraven won a five-woman gauntlet match to earn the right to challenge Masina for the Women’s Championship. Amy is actually the woman that Masina defeated for the Women’s Title. She defeated Kraven in an astounding 36 seconds. Can Amy win the championship back from the powerful Masina?

Tokyo Rumble | Winner Becomes #1 Contender for World Title
25-Spot Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
25 men and women from FFP’s talented roster will battle to become the number one contender for the FFP World Championship. Last year’s winner, Miles Lynch, went on to become the FFP World Champion. Will this year’s winner do the same?!

FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Kimber Stiles vs Noel Zelig
The rematch! Noel Zelig lost the Ironwoman Title to Kimber Stiles with a little bit of interference from Kade Haddix, who turned on Noel. Now the very first Ironwoman Champion will look to reclaim the championship in Tokyo!

FFP Network Title
(c) Michael Showtime vs Trent Wolfe
Trent Wolfe laid out the challenge to the Network Champion, and Michael Showtime accepted. Both men will be taking part in the Tokyo Rumble Match, but on the same night the Network Title will be on the line. Will Michael Showtime make it past Trent Wolfe, or will The Conglomerate gain another title?


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