Tokyo Rumble

Tokyo Rumble History

• In 2018, Matt Kraven successfully defended the World Title against Trent Wolfe. Miles Lynch won the Tokyo Rumble Match. Noel Zelig defeated Anna Minster for the Women’s Television Title. And Kade Haddix successfully defended the Honor Title against Damien Graves.

Tokyo Rumble Posters

2018 Tokyo Rumble Preview

FFP World Title
(c) Matt Kraven w/ Amanda Kraven vs Trent Wolfe
Matt Kraven opened his mouth on FFP Wednesday Warfare, saying he would defend the title against whoever walked through the door next. Enter Trent Wolfe. Wolfe is a newcomer here in Full Force Pro, but has shown a lot of skill, toughness and ability. Kraven is going to be in for a fight in the main event of FFP’s premier edition of Tokyo Rumble. Will Kraven be able to survive? And if he does, will it be with the help of his entourage?

Tokyo Rumble | Winner Becomes #1 Contender for World Title
25- Spot Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
This will be the premier of FFP Tokyo Rumble. And at the event, it will be the premier of the Tokyo Rumble Match. A 25-man over the top rope battle royal where the winner will be named the new number one contender for the FFP World Championship. But unlike most battle royals, this match will began with four men in the ring. Then every two minutes another superstar will join the action. The last man or woman standing, is the winner!

Amy Kraven & Nina Fox vs Kenzie Anderson & Fiona Burke
At FFP Desperate Measures Amy Kraven was facing off against Nina Fox for Amy’s FFP Women’s Championship. The match was excellent. Until Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke charged the ring, attacking both competitors. Kenzie and Fiona then made it clear that they were tired of waiting for their opportunities, so they were banding together to make opportunities of their own. They’ll face off at Tokyo Rumble. And now, there is a new stipulation where if Kenzie and Fiona win, they will get the opportunity to face Amy for the Women’s World Title in a handicap match. And if Amy and Nina win, Kenzie and Fiona will have to leave FFP for 60 days.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Lipstick & Powerbombs vs Tokyo Bomb Angels
After an impressive debut, the Tokyo Bomb Angels are getting a huge opportunity to challenge Lipstick & Powerbombs for the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. This match could steal the show!

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ #EgoTrip vs Hiroki Ito
Aiden Conrad successfully defended his Adrenaline Title against Hiroki Ito on the Tour of Japan, but not without outside interference. Hiroki Ito gets a rematch for the title, this time at FFP Tokyo Rumble. Can Hiroki come away with the title in front of his homeland crowd? Or will Aiden find yet another way to hold onto the gold?

FFP Honor Title
(c) Kade Haddix vs Damien Graves
Damien Graves came out after Kade successfully defended the FFP Honor Title against Kashimanaki on Day One of the FFP Tour of Japan. And ever since these two have wanted to lock horns. They’ll meet for Kade’s Honor Title at the Tokyo Rumble.

Simply the Best vs Blaine Edwards & Hayden Flowers
Simply the Best is one of the greatest tag teams in FFP history. Blaine Edwards and Hayden Flowers are two of the most beloved superstars on the roster currently. But Blaine and Hayden came up together from the OWF, where they saw great success, but haven’t seen the same success in FFP. The two want to face the ultimate test. The two Hall of Famers Caleb Newstead and Christopher Morgan. Which will be the hungrier team? The ones who have nothing more to prove, or the ones that have everything to prove?

FFP Women’s Television Title | Anything Goes
(c) Anna Minster vs Noel Zelig
Anna Minster and Noel Zelig have found themselves in quite the feud over the FFP Women’s Television Championship. After Noel lost the title to Anna, she had her rematch, and was pinned for the three count. But Noel had placed her foot on the rope, and the referee missed it. So they will go at it once more. But this time, to spice things up, the match will be Anything Goes!

Katsumi Akiyama vs Giovanni Gotch
These two women had a really good match on the first day of our Tour of Japan. They are set to have a rematch in the iconic Tokyo Dome in Katsumi’s hometown. Will the hometown advantage be a big help for Katsumi? Or will Giovanni walk away victorious yet again?


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