Uprising History

• In 2017, Brandi Moore and ATM won ANY Cases. Also Anarchy defeated Hades for the FFP Brass Knuckles Title.
• In 2016, Daniel Matthews defended the World Title against Hades, Odell Porter won an ANY Case and so did Nina Fox.
• In 2015, Lizzy Kraven won a 4-Way Ladder Match to become the Cruiserweight Champion. Also, Alexis Reed and Logan Christopher won Triple-A Cases.
• In 2011, Daniel Matthews successfully defended the FFP World Title against Anarchy. Also Lizzy Kraven successfully defended the FFP Television Title against Deranged.
• In 2010, Austin Briggs successfully defended the FFP World Title against Christopher Morgan. Also Rochelle successfully defended the FFP Diamond Title for the first time, against Taylor Clawson.
• In 2009, Matt Kraven, after being abducted and forced to hand the FFP World Title over to Blood Reign, defeated him in a surprise No Holds Barred Match to win the title.

Uprising Posters

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2017 Uprising Preview

FFP World Title
(c) Odell Porter vs Christopher Morgan w/ Lux
Christopher Morgan was the one to win the very first FFP Tornado Match which was held at All Torn Up, earning himself a shot at the FFP World Championship. Morgan will challenge Odell Porter for the World Title in the main event of FFP Uprising. The last time the two met, Odell ended Christopher’s Adrenaline Title reign, which was and still is the longest title reign in FFP history. Will history repeat itself? Or will Morgan walk away the new champion?

HONOR World Title
(c) Matt Kraven w/ April Hunter vs Daniel Matthews
Matt Kraven and Daniel Matthews have been best friends for years. They decided that the two of them could have one of the best matches in pro wrestling. Matthews floated the idea by Matt, to which Kraven accepted. The two are looking forward to locking horns at FFP Uprising in London. The last time these two faced off against each other was at a FFP live event, where Matt Kraven broke his neck on a suicide dive. We expect the same type of physicality, with no serious injuries.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Giovanni Gotch vs Fiona Burke
Giovanni Gotch and Fiona Burke made up Team FAB, and they dominated in Full Force Pro. Both went on their separate ways, winning singles titles such as the OWF Women’s Title, as well as Fiona’s FFP Women’s Television Title. However, Gotch reached the promise land, becoming the FFP Women’s Champion. Something Fiona has never done. At Uprising, the former tag partners will collide for the Women’s Title. Will Fiona walk out as the new champion?

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) EJ “Money” Carter w/ Bianca Hunt vs Hayden Flowers
Hayden Flowers has defeated EJ Carter twice now, and has earned himself a shot at the FFP Cruiserweight Title. Will Flowers end EJ’s historic Cruiserweight Title reign? Or will Carter continue being the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in FFP history?

FFP Brass Knuckles Title
(c) Hades w/ Jophiel vs Anarchy
A battle of two brawlers. Will Hades retain his Brass Knuckles Championship against the former FFP World Champion Anarchy? Or will Anarchy be the one to dethrone Hades? Anything goes!

Men’s ANY Case Tournament Final
Kashimanaki vs ATM w/ Beatrice Keenan
Kashimanaki and ATM have battled to the finals of the Men’s ANY Case Tournament, and will meet at FFP Uprising. Whoever wins this match will be awarded the FFP ANY Case, and will be able to cash it in at any time and any place for any title! Who will win this huge opportunity?

Women’s ANY Case Tournament Final
Brandi Moore vs Lacey Abernathy
Brandi Moore and Lacey Abernathy have fought through the 16-woman tournament and will clash at FFP Uprising. Who will walk out with a huge opportunity to cash in for any title, at any place and at any time?

Lizzy Kraven vs Noel Zelig
Although the future of Fierce Wrestling is in doubt, the one and only Fierce Wrestling Champion Noel Zelig is proudly holding the title. And at FFP Uprising, Noel will face off against FFP Hall of Famer Lizzy Kraven. This match was put together by Veronica Clyne, pitting two of the world’s best women wrestlers head-to-head for what could possibly be the match of the night, if not year!

Six Man Tag
Deshaun Reed & American Bulldogs vs Levi Fuller, Nick Novak & Kade Haddix
The OWF Champion Deshaun Reed will team with his stablemates, the FFP Tag Team Champions the American Bulldogs to take on Levi Fuller as well as OWF wrestlers Nick Novak and Kade Haddix.


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