Vendetta History

• In 2018, Miles Lynch successfully defended the FFP World Title against Hiroki Ito. Also, Carla Ray defeated Zoey Kiehl for the Spirit Title, Matt & Billy Rich beat Lipstick & Powerbombs for the Tag Team Titles, and Masina defeated Amy Kraven in a record setting 36-seconds for the FFP Women’s Championship.

Vendetta Posters

2018 Vendetta Preview

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch vs Matt Evanston
Matt Evanston makes his return to FFP after suffering an injury. Evanston had been battling Matt Kraven for the FFP World Championship, and will now get a fair shot at Kraven’s former protege Miles Lynch. Can Evanston walk away from Vendetta with the World Title? Or will Miles Lynch retain and continue his title reign.

FFP Women’s World Title
(c) Amy Kraven vs Masina
After Masina has flattened everyone who stands in her way, especially Veronica Clyne (who she defeated in 39 seconds at Devastation), Masina has looked like the most dominant woman in Full Force Pro. Masina will get a chance to prove it when she faces off against the reigning FFP Women’s World Champion, Amy Kraven. Will Masina be able to snatch the title away from Amy? Or is the real question, can Amy survive the wrath of Masina?

FFP Tag Team Titles | Ladder Match
(c) Lipstick & Powerbombs vs Matt & Billy Rich
Lipstick & Powerbombs defeated Matt & Billy Rich to become the first ever all-female FFP Tag Team Champions. Now the two teams will meet again, in a ladder match. Can Lizzy and Olivia take care of business against the Rich Brothers once more? Or will Matt & Billy win the titles for a second time?

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ Pandora vs Trent Wolfe w/ Nina Fox
On Twitter Mary Faith Brooks announced that Trent Wolfe would be the next man to challenge Aiden Conrad for the FFP Adrenaline Championship. Wolfe is a fan favorite for sure, but Conrad has ways of keeping his hands on the Adrenaline Title. Will Trent be able to overcome Aiden and the rest of #EgoTrip to become the new Adrenaline Champion? Or should the question now be…with the addition of Nina Fox to the match…will Aiden be able to escape with the title?

FFP Honor Title
(c) Alexander Modest vs Kade Haddix
Alexander Modest defeated Kade Haddix in an excellent match at Devastation to win the FFP Honor Title. When they had their rematch, Modest intentionally got disqualified so that he could keep the championship. Now, Mary Faith Brooks wants to see a rematch at Vendetta. Will Kade win the championship back, or will Modest continue his reign as the new Honor Champion?

FFP Spirit Title
(c) Zoey Kiehl vs Carla Ray
After a three way dance featuring champion Zoey, Carla and Kiera Brimm, and Kiera hitting Carla after being eliminated, Mary Faith Brooks announced that Carla Ray should get a title shot at Vendetta. Carla has yet to scored a victory over Zoey Kiehl. At Vendetta, will she be able to take the Spirit Title from it’s first champion?

Austin Briggs vs Anarchy
Could this be a feud in the works? Austin Briggs answered Anarchy’s open challenge a couple weeks ago. Anarchy won the match by submission. Mary Faith Brooks was impressed with the match, and wanted to see them face off again at Vendetta. Will Anarchy make it two in a row against Austin Briggs, or will it be 1-1?


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